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Our Work

Past Projects

St. Nicks Kicks

St. Nicks Kicks is an annual event in which YPC donates thousands of pairs of shoes to local San Diegans. The event has been held since 2020 and has donated over 18,000 pairs of shoes valued at $1.8 million. YPC is on track to donate an additional 17,000 pairs of shoes in 2024.

YPC Saint Nicks Kicks event. This photo shows Youth Philanthropy Council volunteers hard at work at Toyota of El Cajon.

Global Classroom Initiative 

The Global Classroom Initiative is a YPC progam focused on building schools in underdeveloped areas. Most recently YPC raised over $40,000 to build a school in Kenya in an effort to improve learning conditions and provide a better overall schooling experience for students living in the Maasai Mara. YPC plans to continue this initiative annually. 

YPC Volunteer giving toys for the Youth Philanthropy Councils Global Classroom, Kenya Intiative

San Ysidro Health Gala

In 2019, YPC worked in collaboration with San Ysidro Health (SYH) to raise over $230,000 to build a Maternal and Children Health Center. Since then, YPC has kept a very close relationship with SYH. 

Augustus Holm at the San Y Sidro Health Gala speaking on behlaf of the Youth Philanthropy Council. Augustus Holm is going over how YPC raised funds for the Child and Maternal Health Center.

Painting With a Purpose

YPC brings awareness to social issues by engaging the community to create artistic symbols of change. YPC created several murals around San Diego to show support for various social causes.

YPC Painting with a purpose. Here the Youth Philanthroopy Council is creating a mural to show support for the community.

Clothing Drive

In an effort to provide new clothes for underserved youth, YPC held a clothing drive in which 12,000 articles of clothing were donated and distributed.

Youth Philanthropy Council Clothing Drive.

Covid Relief Project

During Covid, YPC distributed over 20,000 masks and sanitizing equipment for low-income households.

Youth Philanthropy Council PPE project for seniors.
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